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Closed positions (tryouts, team switches, and backups are open): Team 1 beaters

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 Color codes and game definitions

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PostSubject: Color codes and game definitions   Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:23 pm

Quaffle = volleyball
Bludgers = dodgeballs
Snitch = snitch runner

Player Position Types
Seekers- One per team. Tries to tag the Snitch Runner before the other team's seeker.
Beaters- Two per team. They throw dodgeballs at the other team to hit their players and get them temporarily out.
Chasers- Three per team. Score with the quaffle and pass it to the other chasers on their team and try to keep it from being intercepted by the opposing team's chasers.
Keeper- One per team. Basically like a goalie.

Headband Color Codes
White: Chasers
Green: Keepers
Blue: Beaters
Yellow: Seekers
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Color codes and game definitions
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